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Available Upgrades & Items

  • Audio NOT included [$0.00]
  • Upgrade system with audio (for government agencies & non-covert use only, must click here to purchase) [$50.00]
$389.00 Quantity:

Product Description

- Wi-Fi camera in a covert housing. No interference, Totally secure, no interception, Strong digital wireless signal, Stable connection

- Allow remote viewing & record (motion activated) from anywhere anytime.
- Single IP for multiple camera control.
- No need for 3rd party software.
- Simple and quick to setup, friendly user interface
- Support IE browser or any other standard browsers
- Wi-Fi compliant with IEEE 802.11b/g,WEP encryption
- Motion detection alert via email or upload image to FTP
- Multi-level users management with password protection

The Clock Radio Covert Wi-Fi Digital Wireless Web Camera with recording & remote access offers support for a PC and has Motion Detection. It also features a Color, Dual-Mode Camera. Wi-Fi connectivity is also an available which allows you to Log onto your wireless Internet Camera from a computer anywhere in the world for remote viewing and monitoring.

Manual & Software

Technical Details

  • Sensor: 1/4 Color CMOS
  • Resolution: 300K Pixel TV Lines
  • Sensitivity: 0.5 lux
  • Lens Type: Pinhole
  • Focal Length: 3.8 mm
  • Viewing Angle: 75 Deg. Horiz.
  • Optional Lens: No
  • Max Video Rec Quality: 640 x 480
  • Max Video Rec Speed: 30 f/s
  • Compression: MJPEG
  • Memory Type: HD
  • Memory Usage: 1.8 GB per hour
  • Motion Detection Rec: Yes
  • Programmable: Yes
  • Video Format: AVI
  • Compatibility: PC only
  • Audio: Optional
  • Power Type: Power Cord
  • Power Input: 110V AC
  • Dim (Length): 6 "
  • Dim (Width): 6.75 "
  • Dim (Height): 2.6 "
  • No of Channels: Up to 9 cameras
  • Range: 300 ~ 500 ft
  • Wireless Type: IEEE 802.11b/g
  • Housing material: ABS
  • Environment: Indoor
  • Included Items: Software

Compatible Items


100ft range, Wide Angle, Weather proof Super IR Lamp


WF-820: Have a specific question that's not listed about this product? click here.
How to setup my WiFi IP Camera for remote viewing?
Please view our setup guide found here WiFi Camera Setup Guide.
After initial set-up, after the camera is working, do I still need to have a PC on the same network to manage the camera?
Initially you do. However you wouldn't need to keep the PC on the same network after it's configured and running. All that's required is the network connection and router.

Can your pinhole wifi cameras fitted with a different camera? For example a super low light B/W CCD camera?
Sorry, since it is a digital system, the server module only accepts it's own camera.

Does your wireless wifi covert camera has its own self contained software?
Our Wi-Fi cameras have built in software allowing you to configure it as a web-server without the need for a PC. Only a router and internet connection are required, It can be viewed from any computer.

What are the basic steps for connecting wifi cameras to my wireless router?
Install the software.
You will need to connect the camera via network cable first. Using 'IP camera tool' let it detect the available camera(s) and when the camera's IP address appear, double click on it.
Main software will open up with video (default user name: admin, PW: (blank)). On the menu, select the network then wireless option, check the 'wireless' option on & indicate your SSID: your router name. Let it reboot and disconnect the camera from the network cable. Turn the power off and on and let the 'IP camera tool' detect the camera wirelessly (may take up to 1 min).
From here on, since the camera has learned to send video wirelessly only to your router, you can move around the camera within your house safely and without resetting the camera.
Does your cameras work with different voltage for other countries?
Most of our camera come with a power adapter that can handle form 110V ~240V AC.
In case of a direct AC plug-in camera such as clock radio camera
We will include the 220V to 110V (60Hz) step-down converter.
However, if your country uses 50Hz, the time on the clock, because it is digital, will not be correct (off about 20 min a day)
Sumber :,wf-820,clock-radio-covert-wi-fi-digital-wireless-web-camera-with-recording-&-remote-access.html

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